The sense of discovery that comes from participating in science is one of the primary motivators for aspiring scientists and professionals. I do by best to bring that excitement to all of my teaching opportunities in the classroom, in the lab, and in the field.


Introductory courses 

Ecology and Evolution lecture & lab 

Biological Diversity lecture & lab

Upper level courses

Ecology lecture & lab

Plant Biology lecture & lab

Non-majors (core) courses

Life on Earth


Museum internship coordinator

During my appointment at the Florida Museum of Natural History (2014-16), I was the coordinator and mentor for the Panama Canal Project Museum Internships Program. Students assisted in collections management, fieldwork, and original research in paleobotany, invertebrate paleontology, and vertebrate paleontology.

Research mentor

Undergraduate a post-bac mentorship is an important part of my research program. Specimen-based research projects are ideal for students of plant science, geology, biogeography, or paleontology. Fossils provide direct evidence of extinct organisms and their distributions and, therefore, can be used to test evolutionary and biogeographic hypotheses.


Artistic depictions of ancient plant and animal communities help connect the public with current research. Well-done renderings convey the state-of-the-science through anatomically correct depictions of plants and animals, species associations, and behavior. github.com/PaleoNate/extinct_plants hosts resources for artists interested in plants in paleo art. Follow us on Twitter @PPaleoart